Exercising Online or In Person?

It's been a busy four months of lock-down and if there is one thing it has proven, it is that for many, getting up, moving around and going outdoors has been hugely beneficial. For some, who feared that not having access to a gym would mean the end of a good training regime, only to find that online and later, in person outdoor training would become the new and improved norm! Or others, who may have not been so active, now actively pursuing getting outdoors and realising how much they love and enjoy movement.

Fitness and health do come as one but it doesn't necessarily mean thrashing yourself, just the simple art of walking brings so many benefits and then recognising what your body is both capable of and what the possibilities are, brings a whole new power of what more you might be able to achieve...

During Lock-down I have loved training old and new clients online and later as restrictions were lifted, outdoors. Although gyms are reopening, with such stringent restrictions still in place and with the beautiful weather that we have had, outdoor 121 training and online training doesn't appear to be going away any time soon.

So what options can Energise PT and Energise Yoga offer you during this time?

Why do Online?

The convenience of rolling out of bed, turning on your computer and starting your workout?

Not having to clean any equipment?

Not having to commute to and from a gym, saving time and hassle?

If Online 121 Personal Training or Yoga appeals to you...then grab this August deal £140 for Either 8 x 30min sessions (only avail for online) or 4 x 60min sessions.

"I have been training with Maddy for just 6 weeks and already feel the benefits of increased flexibility, confidence in movement and a reduction in muscle tension. Maddy is an excellent teacher - breaking down movement and providing individualised sessions and technique. She also provides an extensive range of movement types, which are progressive between sessions. I would highly recommend Maddy to those who have been ‘thinking’ about extending their flexibility, strength and well/being but who are yet to ‘get going’, or who have not yet found the right teacher" - C Deighton

Or grab a friend or 4 for Semi Private Personal Training / Yoga for more info on cost drop me a message maddy@energisept.co.uk

Why do In-Person 121?

Prefer a socially interactive experience, giving a 360 degree 121 training workout?

Being able to find adjustment of form and technique in a more hands-on approach?

Making the most of the outdoors, with clean equipment and someone to motivate you further in your training?

In-Person Outdoor (Park, Garden, Open Garage, Large Space) 121 Personal Training or Yoga £160 for 4 x 60min sessions £160

"Maddy is a fabulous instructor. I have just completed an 8 week 1:1 programme. She has worked to address my weak areas and previous injuries/difficulties and I feel stronger and fitter than before. I am thrilled that she has found a partner for me to continue with some semi private sessions. Thank you Maddy" - K Cooper


If you're more into classes I have also started running over the last couple of months Yoga and Core, Strength and Flex groups. These have been amazing and I have been so pleased with the response to these classes.

Held at Collett Park Bandstand in Shepton Mallet

Yoga is run on Tuesdays and Thursdays 1-2pm and Wednesdays 6-7pm

Core, Strength and Flex 7-7:45am

Currently I am running an offer of £40 (normally £6/session) for 8 classes per month for in-person attendance to these classes.

"Hi Maddy I would come & do yoga with you every day of the week, but I am working.. albeit from home, but I would seriously try & fit in another class..... you are just fabulous.. a brilliant teacher & it just feels so right..love it, love it xxx" - C Sealey

I am also setting up a waiting list for Online Yoga classes Every Tuesday morning at 1030am and Thursday morning at 930am. If you would like to be added to the waiting list please drop me an email with the title - Online Yoga and indicate which day you'd prefer. Classes will be just £20/month for 4 classes or £35/month for 8 classes

So whether Online, In-Person or Classes appeals to you, find out more by visiting:

Energise PT

Energise Yoga

or sign up TODAY

I look forward to working with you and the next step of your journey towards a Healthier. Happier. YOU!

Maddy x


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